Picuki: A Hidden Doorway To Instagram [Find Out Everything]

Picuki: A Hidden Doorway To Instagram

Picuki is the number one Instagram viewer that’s been trending for a while now. It allows you to view public Instagram profiles anonymously and without logging into your account. 

We all know how annoying it is that Instagram doesn’t let you view stories even on public accounts without logging in and giving away your identity. But Picuki allows you to do that and more for free. It is a very useful tool for avid Instagram users. 

Keep on reading to learn everything you can do with this too and howl, also some of its limitations, and other alternatives you can try.

What Is Picuki?  What Can You Do With This Tool?

Picuki is an Instagram viewing tool that allows you to view posts, stories, highlights, reels, etc. of a public account anonymously. You can also see who they follow and their followers without logging into their accounts. 

You can also download the content on their profile including profile pictures and stories. The best part is that there is an editor that allows you to edit their content before downloading. 

Plus, if someone with a public Instagram has blocked you from viewing their profile, you can use Picuki to view their posts, stories, reels, highlights, followers, and following. 

You get all of that for free. There is an app available for both Android and iOS users. You can also use this tool by browsing their website on your desktop or laptop. 

What Can’t You Do On Picuki

The main drawback of Picuki is that it doesn’t allow you to view a private profile.  Even if you are following them on your Instagram, it won’t matter as Picuki doesn’t allow you to log into your account.

So, if you were thinking of viewing a friend’s story anonymously, this isn’t the app for you. This tool also doesn’t allow you to interact with content through liking or commenting. You can’t switch from an anonymous mode to one where you can use Instagram as usual in the same app. Moreover, you can’t view live streams on Picuki.

Alternative Instagram Viewing Tools Other Than Picuki

Here are some of the other top Instagram viewing tools that have unique features of their own as well as similar features to Picuki. 

  1. Inflact

Like Picuki, you can view Instagram posts and other content of users without having to sign up for Inflact. You can also download Instagram Stories and other content to your device with an easy click. However, there is no editing feature on this tool.

But unlike Picuki, you can also use Inflact to monitor accounts if you pay a subscription fee. Monitoring an account means you can keep track of every Story posted on that account automatically even after 24 hours have expired. The fee differs based on the number of accounts you would like to monitor. You have to pay $3 to monitor 3 profiles, $9 to monitor 10 profiles and $49 to monitor 100 profiles.

  1. SmiHub

SmiHub is not only an Instagram viewing tool but you also get related stats to analyzing Instagram accounts. It is a marketing tool that allows research on various social media accounts for the benefit of growing one’s brand with social media insights.

You can search, view, and analyze hashtags, locations, and profiles on SmiHub anonymously just like Pichuki or Inflact. 

  1. StoriesDown

It is very similar to the other Instagram viewing apps we mentioned. StoriesDown is a free tool that lets you view public Instagram profiles anonymously. You can also view active stories, recent posts, reels, etc.

However, you can’t view private profiles. So, really it’s no different than Picuki and less advanced than Inflact for sure. But if you need a free tool to download someone’s story, this simple one will get the job done.

How To Use Picuki? Step-By-Step Guide

Using Picuki is very easy. In this guide, we will show you how to view, edit, and download content from public Instagram accounts through their website.

  1. Go To Picuki Website

Fire up your web browser on your personal computer or mobile phone. Start up the following website: https://www.picuki.com/

This is how the website looks. The homepage has the search bar front and center. We use this to search the profile we are looking for.

  1. Find Instagram Profile

The easiest way to search for a profile is with their username. You should first open up Instagram and copy their handle. Click on the profiles tab. Paste the username on the search bar and hit search.

For example, we looked up Bella Hadid’s Instagram. 

  1. Check Out The Results

As soon as you hit the search button, results will come up. In our case, you can see that Bella Hadid’s Instagram profile is now visible on Picuki. We can view her stories, and posts anonymously.

  1. Loading, Downloading, & Editing On Picuki

As you scroll down more posts will load. If you click on an individual post, it will load separately in a new tab. Click on the download or edit button to save the post for your own use. 

You can edit the post by adding filters, texts, stickers, resizing, and adjusting different properties. Picuki has a very nice editor for a free tool. After editing to your heart’s desire, just click on download. You will have the modified image saved on your device.

Final Words

Instagram is a big platform that keeps growing every month. The site doesn’t allow you to view content without an account. Maybe, you don’t want to open an Instagram account or you simply want to remain anonymous while checking certain profiles.

Either way, Picuki is a great tool. That’s why it is growing in popularity. Even though the tool is free, it comes with a pretty advanced editor. You can download posts after editing or just as it was uploaded. You can also view stories anonymously. 

However, there is no way to interact with the content on Picuki or track an account. 

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