Is Imginn Anonymous? Features, How To Use It & Alternatives

Is Imginn Anonymous

Imginn is an Instagram viewer that allows you to view and download content from public Instagram accounts. You don’t need to signup on Imginn to use it or give your Instagram details. Therefore, Imginn has no way of letting the Instagram user know that you viewed or downloaded their story. 

So, yes, Imginn is anonymous. Moreover, Imginn is perfectly safe to use. You can view their Privacy Policy on their website to be sure that you feel comfortable using the platform. As long as you use Imginn to download stories or posts for personal use, it is also legal to use. However, re-publishing downloaded content on other platforms may violate copyright and is punishable.  

Keep on reading to learn more about Imginn.

What Is Imginn? Is Imginn Anonymous?

Imginn is a free tool that allows you to view Instagram content from profiles that are set to public. It is a simple website with an interface that is the bare minimum. All you can do on it is search Instagram profiles or hashtags to view relevant content. You also get the option of downloading the content that comes up. 

You can download both pictures and videos through Imginn. The quality of the image or video isn’t compromised at all. You will get the same file as the one you view online on Instagram. Downloading won’t compress the file in any way. So, you can enjoy high-quality pictures and videos for your benefit.

But you don’t need to sign up on Imginn to enjoy these uses. You can get started as soon as you load up the website. This means that you can browse Instagram content anonymously. Imginn keeps your identity hidden, something that Instagram refuses to do.

That is pretty much it though. There are no other features that Imginn offers. As we said, it is one of the simplest Instagram viewers. Even so, it gets millions of traffic each month. 

How To Use Imginn? Easy Step-By-Step Guide

It is not at all hard to use Imginn. However, we thought we will provide you with a step-by-step guide so you will find it even easier to use. Here’s how you can access the tool.

Step 1: Fire Up Your Browser

You need to open the browser app on your phone or load the browser on your desktop. Type in on the search bar and click on the search icon. 

As soon as you hit search the following webpage should load up. Most of the homepage is taken up by ads. The website mainly composes of a search bar. 

Step 2: Search For An Instagram Profile

Type the username you want to look up on the search bar and hit search. We used the American model, Gigi Hadid’s Instagram as an example. 

Step 3: Click On The Desired Profile

A lot of options will show up as the result of your search. Scroll down to see all the relevant Instagram handles. Simply click on the one you are interested in. We clicked on the first verified profile that belongs to Gigi.

Step 4: View The Instagram Profile

You can view stories, posts, and tagged posts on the profile. If you click on the Stories tab, you will get the option to view the highlights on that profile and see their Story archive. That is one great thing about Imginn, you can view Stories that are no longer live.

Similarly, you can view the posts on the profile as well as posts the user has been tagged in. 

Step 5: Download Content From A Profile

Below every post, there is an option to download. All you need to do is click on it and the content will be automatically saved to your device. 

Some Alternatives To is a free Instagram viewer and it is a pretty simple one at that. You may require something with additional features that Imginn lacks. For that reason, we have listed some of the best alternatives that are available. Learn about the features these platforms offer here. 

  1. Picuki

Picuki is another free tool that too can view and download content from public Instagram accounts without any need for a sign-up on the platform. Additionally, you get access to an online editor. You can edit the Stories or posts before downloading. 

Picuki doesn’t have any paid model and you can never use it to view private Instagram content. A drawback of this tool is that you can only view live Instagram stories. On the other hand, Imginn shows the Story archive for the profile that was searched. 

  1. QoobStories

Qoobstories is a desktop software that can be installed for free. The tool lets you view and download content from private and public accounts both. You need to log into your account and can only see the contents of those accounts that you are following.

You can use it for free with a limit of subscribing to two accounts and saving and downloading up to 200 videos and photos. There are 2 other plans. If you pay $25 a month, you get unlimited downloads and can track unlimited accounts. 

  1. Inflact

You can view posts and stories on public Instagram using Inflact without needing to sign up. You also get the option of downloading those content. You can also subscribe to Inflact and be able to monitor accounts of your choosing. Then, you can also view stories that have expired as well. For $3 a month, you can monitor 3 profiles, for $9, you can monitor 10 profiles, and for $49, you will be able to monitor 100 profiles.

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Final Words

Imginn is one of the simplest Instagram viewing platforms. Is Imginn anonymous? Yes. You get to browse public accounts on Imginn without giving away your identity. It is especially useful to view content on accounts that blocked you if they are set to public. You don’t have to pay any subscription fee. The platform has no app for Android or iOS devices. Just load up the website and browse content anonymously. 

This easy-to-use tool comes in really handy when you need to download content from Instagram for personal use. Doing so is completely safe and legal as long as you don’t share that content other than for personal use. You don’t have to worry about Imginn stealing your data. It is a safe site to use. 

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