Difficult Person Test: 7 Traits of a Difficult Person

Difficult Person Test

Sometimes you see people who are difficult to get along with. It may be one of your colleagues, friend or family person, whoever, they are different in nature. Mostly we face some kind of difficult person in corporate life. Not only you but the other people in the office also avoid the person and don’t want to be with outside office.

IDRlabs DP test is based on human’s difficult personality traits and other psychological research. The test will determine how difficult your personality is. Are you interested in taking the difficult personality test?

What is Difficult Person Test? What is it based on?

The difficult person test has gone viral online in recent days. The test was developed by Dr. Chelsea Sleep who is a clinical psychologist at Cincinnati VA Medical Center and her colleagues at the University of Georgia.

You can find the test at IDRlabs which is delivering the test online. IDRlabs stands for Individual Differences Research Lab which creates online personality tests based on scientific research. 

It was first published with the title “Uncovering the structure of antagonism. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment by sleep.” Since then, it has become popular for those who are careful about their personality. The taste is available in 17 different language

There are so many personality tests available online that deal with different human personality traits. The difficult personality test is based on the five factor model and the structure of the antagonism. You also need to know beforehand the seven standard characteristics that can make one person difficult.

Also, the test is designed based on previous research on difficult persons. You can take it as fun or serious whatever, it will help you to know yourself more and will also help to know the person you used to be with.

Should you take the Difficult person test?

Difficult people often seem discouraging. They don’t listen to others and do what they want. By evaluating one’s friendliness and sociability, the test will give you a score to determine the difficulty level of your personality. 

Once you have done it, you will see a color graph showing your level in each difficult personality measurement.

However, the test is for educational purposes only. What IDRlabs said about this “cannot provide accurate assessments of your personality traits.” People love to play online, take online surveys, and test psychological and behavioral as it always seems fun and engaging. Therefore, no matter if they are legit or not, they will get massive organic reach through social media.

7 traits of a difficult person

Before you get started with the IDRlabs test, you should have an idea of what personality traits are making you difficult. There are some signs which indicate that someone is difficult to be with. To make it more clear, researchers have set 7 traits that help to define difficult people. 

You may be wondering how these 7 traits can make people difficult. Well, it is because these traits are completely opposite to healthy relationships. Here is a breakdown of them, 


Callousness refers to a lack of empathy. Difficult people are often full of themselves and can be callous. They don’t want to pay attention to what others say and don’t care about others’ feelings. Therefore, it may feel unsafe being around callous people. 


People who have greater grandiosity are overly concerned with their self-image. They act like they are superior to others which leads to trouble in relationships.  

In a word, “they think everything should be about them.” says Dr. Durvasula about grandiose people. Sometimes, grandiosity is seen as a positive connotation because they have big dreams and can influence people to listen to them. But ultimately it’s boring as they don’t see things from another person’s point of view. 


Some people behave aggressively in regular speech and behavior. They do it frequently and even if they are not intentional, they behave rudely to others. Aggressiveness is linked with many negative factors as it mostly results in hostility and impulsive situations.

You may have seen aggressive persons who are often hostile and tend to become easily annoyed with people who are different from them. They are always ready to fight. Miller gives a helpful instance of two aspects of aggressiveness, he said, “In my academic work, I could argue with people in my field and be disagreeable without a lot of trouble or costs—but if I behave that way at home and in other contexts in a pervasive manner, it would be closer to something we might consider a problem.”


Highly skeptical people actually think the worst of people, everyone is suspicious of them. People who have high levels of suspicion will rarely trust others and tend to be paranoid, regardless of the situation. According to researchers, suspicion is another personality trait that contributes to aggression.


Manipulation is a deliberate attempt to gain an advantage through persuasion or deceit. There are people who are good at manipulating others emotionally and behaviorally. Manipulative people are focused on their own needs and usually have low self-esteem. With zero personal responsibility, they still blame others for their own problems. 


Some people are naturally dominant. They act in a leadership capacity at work and are aggressive and self-assured. They enjoy taking the lead and motivating others to work hard. If they are playing the role accurately then OK. 

But what we see in most situations is that people show dominance without any reason. They act like they have the right to control other people. 


Risk taking mentality doesn’t always bring good. It is a personality trait characterized by a willingness to try new experiences and challenges. About the difficult people, they love to take risks as they are always aggressive. 

But the problem is, they don’t think if their actions will harm others. Most of the time, you will end up with physical and mental damage from these people. 

How to know if you are a difficult person to get along with?

Chronically difficult people are completely careless about how they are seen by others. And they always perceive other people’s issues and show their aggressiveness. But you have to face it, we’re all difficult in some way.

However, if you are realizing it, then you have the chance to get rid of such a negative personality. A lot of research has been done based on difficult personality traits and the above points have been considered to help people in this regard.

However, if you want to know whether you are a difficult person or not, you can take the IDRlabs online DP Test. The questions of this test are implemented by psychological reports so you can get what’s going on deep inside you. You can take the test from the IDRlabs website.

Signs that make you a difficult person

Difficult people are seen as toxic in social life. Above all, you shouldn’t react offensively to a difficult person as it can turn a normal discussion into a rumpus. Therefore, if you don’t want to interact with them, just ignore them anyhow.

When you are a difficult person, you can feel that people are avoiding you and don’t interact with you without any reason. Also, you are related to these signs that make you a difficult person.

  • You have trouble understanding other people’s feelings and needs.
  • You don’t understand the emotions of others.
  • You don’t think about what other people want or need from you
  • You don’t listen to other people’s opinions
  • You act like you are a perfectionist
  • You don’t want to take responsibility for your problems with other people

What to do about it if you are a difficult person?

Not all difficult people can be aware of their own behavior. If you are a difficult person, you might be wondering if there’s anything that can be done to improve your relationship with others. If you lose your temper easily and get irritated or find yourself in arguments with others. Then you need to rethink your attitude towards others and learn how to behave in a more constructive way.

If you want to stop being such an inconvenience, you can try a couple of different things to get rid of it. However, they will need work and emotional openness on your part.

you should try to be more aware of how your behavior affects others. If you are working in a corporate space, consider if it makes your colleagues work harder because of you.

You can also try to be kinder and more considerate.

Besides, ask someone for their honest opinion about what makes you difficult.

How to deal with difficult people?

Learning to deal with difficult people at work can be problematic as they can ruin relationships and make it difficult to get work done. When you are dealing with difficult people, you should remember not to feed their ego by giving them what they want. 

Dealing with difficult people can be stressful and even exhausting. Here are some tips for how to deal with difficult people.

  • Not say too much
  • Show respect (Even if you don’t actually)
  • Stay calm
  • Ignore them
  • If don’t work, you should talk to the higher authority for resolution

Wrap up

However, despite how much we may complain about them, there’s always something good to be said about difficult people. They make us think harder, challenge our assumptions and prejudices, and sometimes even teach us new things or help us grow.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own set of qualities and traits. Just because someone has some traits doesn’t mean they’re bad or wrong for who they are as a person. And just because someone has other traits doesn’t mean they’re bad or wrong for who they are as a person either! 

No matter where you are getting involved with a difficult person, don’t put your thoughts on them much. Just maintain the formalities and avoid arguments.