Optimise your marketing strategies with call tracking data

Optimise your marketing strategies with call tracking data

The landscape of digital marketing is constantly shifting, leading businesses to seek out fresh ways to innovate and optimise their strategies. 

An often overlooked yet highly valuable tool in the quest to improve your marketing is call tracking UK software. Businesses could easily level up their marketing strategies by utilising call tracking data to craft more effective future campaigns.

To better understand just how significant call tracking data can be to optimising your marketing strategies going forward, then read on as we break down the key points of this essential marketing tool.

What is call tracking?

Marketers generally have a wealth of data at their fingertips when it comes to online analytics tools. Call tracking is what bridges the gap between online and offline customer interactions, removing a potential blind spot from your marketing analysis.

Understanding the customer journey is essential for gauging the success of your marketing efforts, as online research or impressions often translate into the offline action of making a phone call.

By assigning unique phone numbers to each of your business’s different marketing channels and campaigns, call tracking allows you to accurately trace the source of incoming phone calls. This means that you can attribute phone leads to a specific channel, campaign or even keyword, creating a truly comprehensive view of a customer’s journey from lead to conversion.

Better marketing attribution

Proper attribution for conversions has been a headache for many a marketing department. Being able to gauge exactly where a customer starts their journey can prove difficult.

But, by integrating call tracking, businesses gain the ability to attribute phone leads to their initial touchpoint. Not only does this give your business a truly comprehensive overview of the customer journey, but it allows a more accurate measurement of marketing return on investment (ROI).

For example, when a business is running multiple marketing campaigns, call tracking can help to reveal which of those are driving the most leads. With this insight, a marketing team can focus on the strategies that deliver the best results, reducing wasted budget and increasing ROI in the process.

Enhanced customer experience

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart from the competition is to deliver a great customer experience. The better their time spent interacting with your business, the more likely a customer is to stay for the long term and recommend you to others.

Call tracking gives you an excellent tool to deliver an improved customer experience by strengthening your understanding of their journey with your business. Not only does call tracking show where your leads come from, but it also records key call metrics including the duration and response time.

With this information, your business can easily identify potential areas for improvement within the customer service process. 

Greater customer insights

Through the use of speech analytics, call tracking tools can also track the purpose and outcome of a call, as well as highlight keywords that appeared in the conversation. These greater insights into the content of each call offer your business more opportunities to optimise its marketing strategies.

Being able to identify which keywords resonate best with customers gives your team the chance to focus on those terms in future marketing campaigns. If you can centre content around keywords that are already proven to have traction with leads then this is likely to deliver a stronger performance.

With a more complete idea of which calls translate into customers, your business can pivot its marketing strategies to target the right audiences. A more focused strategy, based on customer insights, will have better results than simple trial and error.

In order to achieve true marketing success, businesses need to draw on every available tool at their disposal. By harnessing call tracking data, your business can better optimise campaigns, improve the general customer experience and increase the marketing return on investment.

Get ahead of the curve and stay on top of the shifting marketing landscape by integrating call tracking into your toolkit.