How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned
How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned

Picture this: a bright sunny day and fragrant flowers, but your windows are shrouded in grime and dirt, obstructing the view of your dreams. We’ve all been there, days when a streaky and dirty window stands between you and a laser-sharp view — which makes you wonder how often you need to clean the windows for an everlasting sparkle and visibility. Wonder no more because we have all the answers!

How Often Should You Clean?


How often you should clean your windows depends on several factors, such as location, environment and personal needs. If you live in an urban setting with high pollution levels, your windows will easily host dirt and grime. But if you reside in a rural community with fewer pollutants, you wouldn’t need to clean so much.


For most people, cleaning windows twice a year is good enough. Consider scheduling a rigorous cleaning session in spring and fall to eliminate the remnants of winter and clear the debris from fall. These major cleanings will contribute significantly to the overall cleanliness and aesthetics of your windows.

Unique Circumstances

And, of course, you may need more frequent cleanings depending on unique circumstances. For instance, if you notice a substantial buildup of dirt, moisture, grease, grime and other impurities, it is your cue to take action. Also, weather conditions can play tricks on our windows, particularly in the rainy season and other extreme climates. In such cases, contact professional window cleaners like Shard Window Cleaning to tackle the complicated mess.


Weather and location aside, lifestyle factors can also influence the frequency of window cleaning. If you have kids or pets who love to play around the glass, you may have to clean frequently. When you have curious little ones, be prepared for fingerprints, smudges and frequent window cleaning. But don’t feel bad; that’s the perk of a lively home!

Enlist Professional Help

If cleaning windows is a chore you don’t enjoy or can’t spare the time for, go ahead and enlist the services of professional window cleaners. Shard Window Cleaning is a good place to start. These experts have the right tools, experience and enthusiasm to do the job perfectly. Visit Bax Clean if you’d like to know more about window and gutter cleaning.

Handy Cleaning Tips

  • Clean on a cloudy day or when the sun isn’t at its peak. Direct sunlight can dry up the cleaning solution in a blink, leaving unsightly streaks behind.
  • Prepare your supplies before cleaning. You will need a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, a bucket, some elbow grease and a mild window-compatible cleaning solution, ( Alternatively, you can make yours with equal parts vinegar and water). Please test a small area with the solution before applying it to the entire window.
  • Always clean both your window’s interior and exterior surfaces. You may end up with a tastefully clean interior and a grimy exterior if you neglect one side.
  • Safety is non-debatable! Use sturdy ladders to reach hard-to-access areas and difficult spots. But if you live in a high or multi-storied building, engage the services of professional window cleaners. Otherwise, you may put yourself in harm’s way.