What Should You Know Before Visiting New York

What Should You Know Before Visiting New York

The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, Gotham, Concrete Jungle – the New York City is a truly wonderful place, as it is the only city in the world having sixteen nicknames. New York stirs our imagination despite all the controversial talks about it and it’s always placed in the top 10 places to see during our lifetime. 

A trip to the United States, and New York in particular is a long way, so it’s better to prepare beforehand to make the most out of it. 

The Main Things to Consider When Traveling to New York. 

  1. Explore the City, not Manhattan only

Manhattan is a great place to visit as NYC’s economic and administrative center; besides, it is also considered a cultural, and entertainment capital of the world. However, it’s just one of 5 boroughs to explore along with Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, each one creating a unique and unforgettable vibe:

  • If London is a melting pot of cultures in Europe, Queens is in the USA. Queens is probably the most diverse place in the USA linguistically- and cuisine-wise, hosting countless ethnic groups from all around the world.
  • The Bronx spreads its hip-hop vibes mixed with Italian culture, as it hosts a big Italian ethnic group called Little Italy.  
  • Brooklyn is a place of world-class exhibits, IT technologies, and parks. 
  • Staten Island will welcome you with the iconic landmark – the Statue of Liberty. 

The whole city of New York is a treasure trove of wonders, and things to explore. You can always find cheap weekend getaways upstate ny to immerse into the culture and traditions of the place, and feel the air of freedom. 

  1. NYC subway

New York is a super bustling place, the traffic is active days and nights, which is the reason for ever-existing traffic jams. The best way to move around is the New York subway; although locals complain about the delays of the trains, they are more reliable than yellow cabs and buses. 

When having a ride on the subway, mind the rules:

  • Keep your personal belongings close.
  • Don’t make noise (like some locals).
  • Take your backpack off not to bump into people.
  • Give a seat to pregnant, disabled, or elderly. 

According to TravelWiseWay, a cover-it-all travel guide, the NYC subway has 472 stations, making it the largest subway in the world. Thus, by using it you will save time and explore one of the must-visit sights. 

  1. Ride a bike

Another way to enjoy the atmosphere and feel like a local is to have a bike ride. New York has a reliable network of bike rentals with all the boroughs being interconnected by an extensive cycle lane network.

The NYC looks quite different when cycling, thus, grab a helmet and enjoy the the Hudson River Greenway, Central Park, Brooklyn waterfront, etc. 

  1. Bring cash

When traveling, it is important to have bank cards and cash. Shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants accept the cards, yet, street vendors with their exclusive goods will appreciate cash. 

  1. Learn some slang

American English vs British English is a never-ending battle between the language learners; yet, when visiting New York City, look through the local slang, to make sure you understand everything properly. 

For instance: ‘hella’ is used in place of ‘very’ or ‘really’; pizza can be served in different forms – a ‘slice’, a ‘grandma slice’ (the square ones), or a whole ‘pie’; a ‘regular’ coffee has milk and sugar; a ‘cabbie’ – a word for a taxi driver, etc. 

The Bottom Line

New York is the city of wild dreams; when you look at its mix of cultures and traditions, it seems to be the capital of the world. A trip to New York will be a game-changer in your life, as its feeling of freedom and energy will never let you go.