Discover Adventure: What’s Packed In Crate Club’s Box

Discover Adventure: What's Packed In Crate Club's Box

Preparing for an outdoor adventure is hectic since you have to plan, create a list, select a destination, etc. The most difficult job is deciding what to include; hence, it is easier to over-pack or leave out some necessary items. 

Rather than all the stress, you can simply consider some of the best adventure subscription packages. The secret to getting all the items you need is subscribing to subscription packages by Crate Club. All the items are selected by survival, camping, tactical, and military experts who understand the basics of outdoor living and adventures. 

The subscription package will include different items, saving you the burden of a checklist, research, and brainstorming. 

So, what’s inside your Crate Club delivery? To know the items you can get when unpacking, you should consider different subscription programs. The boxes have all the basics you need to survive in the wild; however, the products inside vary. 

Let’s explore different subscriptions and what is inside each of the boxes. 

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1. Lieutenant Crate Subscription Items

This is the most basic subscription and is known to be affordable yet filled with many goodies for adventure. The items in the box will meet nearly all your outdoor needs. First, you get a medical kit with different medical products like frosting chaff cream, medicine bags, methylated spirit, bandages, etc.  

If you are wondering what types of food to carry for your adventures, this package has snacks like beef jerky, electrolyte vitamin supplements, biscuits, and sausage gravies. To ensure you can defend yourself or hunt for food, you get a gun training manual on shooting an aim. Because of your experience using a gun, they can also provide a wing grip to improve your grip on the gun to shoot perfectly. 

For clear vision and protection, you get goggles and anti-fog spray to keep a clear vision. They also include a tire pressure gauge in your club box to ensure your tires are in perfect condition. Moreover, packing different towels for the adventure only leads to more luggage, hence the need for micro terry towels with the best absorbent capabilities.

To ensure you have a complete survival subscription box, Crate Club includes other items like grappling hooks, a wallet to secure your items like cards, a shovel, a rescue porch for your phone era plug, a monocular, etc. Since it contains various items for various outdoor activities, it ranks as one of the best survival subscription boxes. 

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2. Captain Subscription Items

Before buying or subscribing to these boxes, you must know that most lieutenant package items are available here. However, you get other additional items. The first consideration when selecting the gear to include in your package is to ensure you have all the resources needed for tactical and survival needs. This is why you should consider other packages with more items. Here are the items you get from the subscription

  • Medical kit, bag, bandages, sanitation items, Duraderm sort for keeping wounds clean, etc.
  • Survival equipment: Knife, axe, spade, pen knife, flashlight, zip ties, backpack, modular linking systems,  rope, crossfire EDC, a powerful spotlight, and multi-purpose self-defense tools.
  • Sanitation items: deodorizers, a water bottle, a dehumidifier, a purifier, etc.

3. Major Subscription Package Items

This is the most suitable subscription for those experienced in the outdoor environment. You still get the basic items in the previous two packages, but there are more that suit the needs of a survivalist. The items here include:

  • Foods: Electrolyte vitamins,  beef jerky.
  • Safety and survival: Goggles, ati-fog spray, poke-lit flashlight,  case knives, straps, sharpening system, knife shield and cleaner, pocket knife, hooks, navigation compass, and rope canisters. 
  • You also get gun essentials, which include Firearms grease, wing grip, gun cleaning mat, shooting stick, shooting tripod for perfect aim, sniper rifles, and gun manual.
  • Sanitation and medical products: First aid porch, a tiny pump, nose slap, micro cleaning towels, and battle bandage.

This package is mainly designed for expert hunters. From the list of items, you note that the gun, knife, zip ties, and other essentials are in high numbers. Therefore, the items here are ideal if you love adventures like mountain and winter hunting. 

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4. The General Package Items

Finally, this is the ultimate package you need for your venture, as the extra items included here are more advanced than others. Rather than listing all the items included, let’s see what is new in this package that you will not get in other packages. Note that the professional package includes essentials in the lieutenant, captain, and major subscription crates but with extra items. 

  • Tactical and survival gear: A17-Multi tool, twist ties, folding shovel, honing oil, zip ties range kit, fabric wrap to camouflage firearm. 
  • You get the Cellular trail camera and Bushnell backpack Mini GPS to track the prey or your active location.
  • Storage items: Knife storage bag, hybrid backpack, go spout portable water tank, Faraday dry bag, hitch rack dry bag, Kahuna compression sack. 

All the food and medical essentials are also included in this package. If you need essentials to store your camping gear, this can be a good package to provide various storage solutions.

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When selecting your camping gear and items, consider Crate Club because it has all the necessary items. 

Rather than a long checklist, they list items based on various categories and packages. However, you can customize what should be included in your box; therefore, you can consider items based on needs like sanitation, safety, storage, etc.