Can You Wash Dog Towels With Human Towels?

Can You Wash Dog Towels With Human Towels?
Can You Wash Dog Towels With Human Towels?

Yes, you can, but you should not, and we will tell you why. While your pooch’s health is important, yours is and should be the priority. One way to compromise your hygiene and that of your dog is by cross-washing your dog’s essentials with yours, like the towel.

Your dog’s towels, just like your towels, can easily be considered laundry, and we understand the want to just load them all together into the washing machine and wash them away. However, your pets’ essentials should be laundered separately from yours; including towels and here are reasons why:

  1. It is unhygienic

This is the foremost reason why you should not wash dog towels with that of humans. Dogs have furs and hairs that stick to their towels when used due to the highly absorbent nature of such kinds of towels. Washing the two types of towels will promote the cross-termination of germs, especially from your dog towel to yours and the transfer of your pooch’s hairs and furs to yours, which will ultimately get on your skin when you use your towels.

Unfortunately, hair and fur are not the only things that can be transferred. If your pooch has skin and body issues that are transferrable, washing both types of towels together will also give you a high chance of getting these skin woes and more.

  1. Different methods of washing

While you can wash both types of towels using the washing machine or even hand washing, special care by washing methods should be observed when washing the dog towel. While human towels are often cotton-made, dog towels are usually made from soft microfiber.

These different types of towels usually come with different washing instructions, the contrary of which is more likely to subject them to damage. If you want to enhance the shelf life and durability of your towel and that of your dog, then wash them separately according to their label instructions.

  1. Contaminating your other laundry

Suppose you wash both towels once, and then you decide to wash your towels with your other laundry. Automatically, whatever unhealthy matter is embedded and hiding in your towels will transfer to your other clothes. Think about your mutt’s odour, hair and fur spreading across all your clothes. Yikes!

  1. Transfer of smells

Yes, you might be on your A-game with grooming your dog, but your pooch will always have a distinct smell that you do not want sticking to you in any way. Washing your towels together with your pooch’s will only leave you smelling like one, and while a dog might be a man’s best friend, he definitely should not smell like it.


Beyond washing your dog’s towel separately from yours, the equipment for washing, like the laundry machine, for instance, may retain a residue of your pooch from its towels. To curb the spread of dog matter to your clothes, ensure to flush and wash the machine after doing your dog’s laundry.

Now you know not to wash dog towels with human towels, what other consequence of washing both towels can you add.