Three Tips to Help You Recover from a Slip, Trip or Fall

Three Tips to Help You Recover from a Slip, Trip or Fall

Most of us are likely to experience a slip, trip or fall at some point in our lives. Not only do they become more likely with age, but they’re also a common occurrence in the workplace. In fact, data from Health and Safety Executive shows that slips, trips and falls cause almost one third of all non-fatal workplace injuries

The consequences of slip, trip and falling accidents can vary, with injuries ranging from minor bruising to traumatic brain injuries. But regardless of how you’ve been affected, you still need to recover properly. So, what should you do?

In this article, we’ll share three tips to help you recover from a slip, trip or fall.

  1. Seek medical attention

Seek emergency care immediately if you’re in pain after a fall, especially if you hit your head or have trouble moving. But you should speak to a doctor even if you think you haven’t been hurt. In the first place, some injuries are not immediately apparent. Yet falls can indicate of underlying medical issues that need addressing, ranging from weak muscles to medication side-effects.

  1. Take it easy

You might feel anxious to get back to your usual routine following a fall. But this isn’t the time to push yourself – you need to ensure you give your body the time it needs to heal. So, make sure you relax and get plenty of rest. If in doubt, you can ask your doctor to outline which activities are safe for you to do and which you should avoid. 

Bear in mind that your mental health can also be affected by a physical injury. Consider incorporating mental wellbeing into your recovery plan, using techniques such as meditation, gratitude practice, journalling and speaking to a therapist.  

  1. Take your rehab seriously 

Your doctor will likely recommend you engage in physical therapy to help you recover from your fall. This will involve you performing exercises that ease pain, improve mobility and improve your strength and stability. A physical therapist will evaluate your condition and develop a personalised programme that accounts for the specific areas you need to strengthen. But they’ll only be able to recommend the exercises you should perform. Actually performing them will be up to you. You should take your physical therapy seriously, as effort here will help you recover quicker and prevent future falls. 

Recovering from a slip, trip or fall might seem like a challenge, but you can make it simple by taking your time, getting guidance from an expert and applying yourself to your recovery plan.