The Role of Probiotics for Infant Immune System Development

The Role of Probiotics for Infant Immune System Development

Many parents might read about the benefits of probiotics for child development, especially for immune support. While it might seem strange that good gut bacteria affect the body’s immune response, it is a real benefit of probiotics and probiotic drops

That said, not every child will need to take a supplement to develop a strong and healthy immune system. Drops or supplements are primarily necessary for children who are not getting all their nutrient needs from their diets. However, in some situations, the supplements are necessary. Consult a pediatrician to learn more.

How Probiotics Can Boost Your Baby’s Immune System

Baby probiotics help to regulate adaptive and innate immune responses. They essentially help by balancing the gut microbiome. That said, the gut microbiome is usually balanced on its own with the help of a balanced diet. Still, there are some things that can interfere with the health of the microbiome, including antiobiotics and infections.

While your child may need antibiotics to clear up an infection or illness, the medication does not discriminate between good and bad gut bacteria. Because the antibiotics kills any bacteria, your little one might need some help to repopulate the gut microbiome in their stomach and digestive tract.

You can help your child re-establish their microbiome by choosing the most beneficial and probiotic-rich foods, such as yogurt or products fortified with specific strains. Before you give your child a probiotic supplement, talk to their pediatrician to learn more about the different strains and products in the market.

Not every supplement is beneficial. As dietary supplements, they do not have the same regulatory guidelines or restrictions as medications. Ensure any product your provide your little one is tested and proven effective. You want the manufacturer to use organic ingredients and specific bacterial strains.

The Connection Between Gut Health and Infant Immunity

Probiotics do offer baby immune support. When the gut and digestive tract is healthy and balanced, they body can better respond to health crises or threats. Probiotics essentially help immune cells modulate the functions of various cells in the body. They also help with bacterial colonization.

Gut health is also directly related to brain function and health. When the gut is unbalanced, children often experience more illness and upset tummies. The stress signals the brain to release stress hormones, which can wreak havoc on the body. A balanced system keeps the digestive system happy, which keeps the brain calm, reducing stress hormones in the body for a happier and healthier child.

Whether your child needs probiotics is a matter for the pediatrician and yourself. Some children do require an extra boost to their normal diets, but most are fine with a balanced diet. A pediatrician can tell you if your child is getting enough nutrients from their diet and if their digestive system is balanced and healthy. 

It is natural to feel worried about your child’s health, especially if they seem to get upset tummies or infections more than other children. If your little one seems more prone to illness, contact their pediatrician to discuss your concerns.