The Cost Of Drug Addiction: How Much Does It Cost Going To Rehab

The Cost Of Drug Addiction: How Much Does It Cost Going To Rehab

After deciding you want to go to rehab, you must be aware that it comes at a cost. With that in mind, you must budget for it. You must know how much you will spend on your recovery journey. Several factors affect the cost of drug addiction. Understanding those factors will help you have a successful addiction treatment.

The drug addiction treatment journey varies for different people. The choice of the drug rehab center will be different. Besides, not everyone will opt for an inpatient drug rehab program. Some will decide to go with the outpatient program. Such choices are just among the many factors affecting the cost of rehab. 

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Rehab

Budgeting is something you can never ignore when you consider seeking alcohol use disorder treatment. You must understand the primary elements that impact rehab costs. Below are some examples of those factors:

  • Choice Of The Rehab Facility: One can check into many drug rehab centers to kickstart their recovery journey. However, not all rehab facilities will meet the needs and goals of everyone seeking rehabilitation services—the cost of addiction recovery matters. One factor that you must consider is the treatment facility you select. Look at various rehab centers, get quotations for their services, and compare them with your insurance. Not all excellent rehab facilities will be expensive. But if you want a luxury alcohol rehab center, you will have to pay more.
  • Addiction Treatment Program: Rehab centers offer several treatment programs. There is inpatient rehab for alcohol programs, outpatient, drug detox, and medication. In an inpatient drug rehab center, you will receive around-the-clock treatment from drug counselors, therapists, and related addiction professionals. The duration of your stay in the center and the services you receive will affect the cost. Outpatient rehab is less expensive since you will be allowed to commute daily. Drug detox program focuses on getting rid of alcohol from your body. You can also opt to use FDA-approved medications prescribed by a doctor to deal with cravings and minimize the chance of a relapse.
  • Amenities: The inpatient drug rehab center facilities must enhance the drug addiction treatment experience. The money you pay should guarantee you amenities like gourmet meals, holistic therapies, fitness facilities, and a pool, to mention a few. However, those amenities will attract an increase in the cost of rehab.
  • Location of the Rehab Facility: The location of the rehab center affects the cost of addiction treatment. Those facilities in cities and major towns are more expensive than local rehabilitation centers.


Before you go to rehab, you must budget. You will need to choose a rehab facility that meets your needs and is affordable. So, you must compare their services with your insurance. Consider where the facility is located, its programs, and its amenities. They will help you determine how much your drug addiction recovery journey will cost you. Whatever you pay should give you value in return. That should be a sober life alongside coping mechanisms in case of any threat of relapsing.