The best investments in the sunny country – in Northern Cyprus!

The best investments in the sunny country - in Northern Cyprus!

A country where the sun shines all year round and the emerald sea water is warm, where only a sandy beach separates you from the sea, and the food is considered the healthiest in the world… is Northern Cyprus! This corner of the Mediterranean includes all the attributes of an ideal life.

The hospitable land of Northern Cyprus is open to all of you. Greek mythology says that Aphrodite, the Olympian goddess of love, was born from the foam in the waters just here.

What can Northern Cyprus offer?

  • at least 340 days of sunshine a year;
  • perfect, warm weather;
  • pleasant climate;
  • excellent infrastructure;
  • high-level medical services;
  • great quality of education.

Although Northern Cyprus occupies only one third of the island’s landmass, it has the largest coastline. And that’s not all the benefits!

Opportunity to buy a property

The opportunity to own an apartment in Northern Cyprus with a residence permit is a great chance to have a year-round vacation in this paradisiacal place. But don’t forget about investing! Registration of housing is so easy because there are absolutely minimal bureaucratic costs. Just imagine – how blissful it is to have your own corner by the sea …. a real pleasure.  

Is renting out your property profitable?

If Northern Cyprus has not become your permanent residence, you can always rent out your accommodation profitably. During the tourist season, hotels and inns are at their most crowded, giving you carte blanche. Utility costs are quite low, so you have nothing to worry about. And the liquidity of objects is very high, so you can always sell your property in case of need.

Living by the sea is the best investment!

Living by the sea lends itself to an active lifestyle and a fun routine filled with sunshine and the smell of salt air! You too can enjoy life by the sea – buying a property in Northern Cyprus will ensure that you and your family can live on this unique island! You can always swing a vacation at any second, and the monthly income from your real estate investment will make the trip even more enjoyable. 

Northern Cyprus is a true grace for each and every one of us. Delicious food, fresh fruit, sea air and many other benefits…. Living by the sea significantly improves your health and general well-being, promoting a healthy lifestyle with less stress levels. Enjoyment is guaranteed!