Packing and unpacking Hacks for a Smooth Move

Packing and unpacking Hacks for a Smooth Move
Packing and unpacking Hacks for a Smooth Move

Packing and unpacking, whether it’s a new experience or one you’ve gone through countless times, can be a daunting task. It may seem simple to put your belongings in boxes and take them out again, but in reality, it’s never that easy. That is, unless you follow the hacks listed below. While it will still require time and patience, following these tips will help keep everything organised and reduce the stress and anxiety of packing and unpacking.

Decluttering Before Packing to Avoid Cluttering Your Future Home

Some individuals adopt a counterproductive approach, opposite to the recommended strategy, when preparing for packing. They postpone tidying up and organising their home until just before they begin packing, assuming everything will soon be boxed up anyway. However, this approach often leads to a chaotic and stressful packing process. Instead, keeping the house organised and clutter-free will make the packing process smoother. You’ll be able to find things easily and put them in the appropriate boxes without any added stress.

This will lead to another important step, which is to declutter your future house by getting rid of everything that you don’t use anymore before you leave for your new home. In a tidy and well-maintained house, it will be simple to sort out useful items from those that are unnecessary. The ones that fall into the latter category can be donated to charity organisations or sold at a yard sale. You may also come across items that are only used seasonally or occasionally, such as sports equipment or seasonal clothing. In this case, look into self storage units near your new home to keep these items safe and out of the way. This will help you start your new life in a fresh and clutter-free environment.


To ensure a smooth and effective packing process, there are several key guidelines to follow. Firstly, make sure to gather all necessary supplies, like boxes, packing paper, labels, and markers, weeks beforehand so that you have everything at hand when the moment comes. To pack your belongings, organise them either by usage or by room for optimal efficiency. Clearly label each box with its designated location in the new house and its contents. Lastly, don’t risk damaging your items by cutting corners. Use protective materials like paper, bubble wrap, and void fillers like peanuts or inflatables to ensure everything arrives intact. This may add to the cost, but it is definitely worth it.


The key to a successful unpacking process is quickly finding yourself in a comfortable and organised space. This requires a systematic approach. Since it’s often impossible to unpack everything in one day, you should prioritise by starting with the boxes labeled as urgent, using letters such as “A” for high priority, “B” for daily use items, and “C” for things that can wait. This will save you from the frustration of digging through multiple boxes to find something you need urgently. All boxes should have already been placed in their respective rooms upon arrival, making it easier for you to go through them and to store items rapidly.

Following these suggestions will make your move much smoother. Keep in mind that packing and unpacking is a time-consuming process. If you take it one step at a time, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed.