Important Facts You Didn’t Know About Background Check Services

Important Facts You Didn't Know About Background Check Services

Hiring new employees can be stressful. If you are new to business ownership, it’s highly likely that it is not something you are very experienced in. If you do not exercise caution when hiring new people then you could end up employing somebody who’s underqualified and not fit for your company. Worse than that, you could end up hiring somebody with a criminal record. Fortunately, services exist that will vet all potential new hires and tell you whether or not they have criminal records and if they can be trusted for employment.

This post will tell you some important facts you likely didn’t know about these services.

Unspent Convictions

At the most basic level, these searches can tell you if a person has any unspent convictions. The difference between spent and unspent convictions is that the former does not show up on a DBS check. Higher-level checks will show spent convictions, however. When you are hiring new employees it is very important to ask them whether they have any unspent or spent convictions. Legally, they are obliged to tell you. If you do not ask then they do not have to disclose anything. 

Asking them to tell you about any convictions gives you a chance to hear them out, in case they do have any. Of course, not everybody with a conviction is a career criminal and as such you should give people a chance to tell you about themselves and what caused their crimes.

Affordable Rates

The vast majority of background-checking services charge very reasonable rates. If you are planning on hiring one then obviously, you should find one with a rate that’s suited to your budget. Rates for background checks are usually non-negotiable as they are fixed. If you are planning on hiring a background checking service, prior to paying make sure that you read their reviews. 

A company’s reviews will tell you everything that you need to know about them and will make deciding whether to do business with them or not an easier decision for you to make. If you cannot find any reviews then see if your chosen company has a star rating. A company’s star rating will give you a good idea of what clients who are too busy to write out lengthy reviews think of them and ultimately make your decision a lot simpler.

Other Checks

Background checks aren’t the only ones that you need to think about making. If you are interested in performing background checks then you should also hire somebody to see if the candidate you are investigating has posted anything inappropriate or untoward on social media. There are companies that you can hire that will go through a candidate’s full social media history. Additionally, they will see if they have ever been mentioned in a negative light in a newspaper or in blogs before. These services are usually very affordable and can conduct searches in a short amount of time.

Hiring new people can be hard. If you are responsible for hiring, you need to make sure the people you hire are qualified and more importantly, who they say they are. Take this post’s advice and use a background-checking service.