How to Find an Emergency Plumber in the UK

How to Find an Emergency Plumber in the UK

It is always a good idea to have names of professionals you can turn to when you need them in an emergency situation before such a thing happens. When you move into a new home you could get yourself an emergency plumber, an emergency electrician and so on. This way you have the time to research them and find a reputable and trustworthy option such as Express Plumbers. Here are some ways to find an emergency plumber in the UK, how to identify if your situation qualifies as an emergency and then how to prevent them from happening in the first place!

Finding an emergency plumber

If you have not found some names ahead of time and you are in a situation where you think you need an emergency plumber, then you have three options really. Look in a local phone book, choose someone, and hope they are good, look online and quickly choose one of the websites, or talk to someone you trust and get a referral from them. The latter is a great option when possible because they have had experience with working with the plumber and would only recommend them if they were decent. 

Not all plumbers also offer emergency services. You need to check they come out 24/7, that they are licensed and insured, that they are upfront about costs, that they have some experience, and you could also take a quick look online to see if they have positive reviews. Professional emergency plumbers like Express Plumbers will answer any questions you have honestly.

Is the problem an actual emergency?

Sometimes people see something go wrong and while it might be inconvenient, happening at the worst time in terms of no water when you are planning a party, but these are not emergencies. An emergency is when a repair absolutely cannot wait because the house and the people are at risk. Something like standing or running water in the home is an emergency. Some places will have a list of what they come out to help with and keep in mind that paying for an emergency plumber is going to be more costly. 

What to do to prevent or during a plumbing emergency

  • When there is a problem with running water you should turn that line off. When it comes to toilets and sinks that should be easy enough since there is a shut-off valve on the wall. If there is still a problem with running water and that has not stopped it, or you cannot find that line’s shut-off valve then shut the water completely from the main water metre. You should also turn off the water heater as the pressure can build when you shut down a main water line. Overwise, the heater could burst or the tank might overheat, making a bad situation even worse.
  • Make sure you insulate pipes especially if you live somewhere where the temperatures do go below freezing during the winter.
  • Have regular plumbing maintenance so issues can be detected early and an emergency can be avoided.

Express Plumbers is a great option for people in the UK looking for skilled and trustworthy emergency plumbers. It is always best to have an expert handle your plumbing system wherever the issue might be and they are available 24/7.