Healthy Babies: How Organic Milk Formula Nourishes Your Little One

How Organic Milk Formula Nourishes Your Little One

What defines a good organic milk formula?

 Organic milk formula is a specially designed nutrient for infants in cases when breastfeeding is not an option. The closer the nutritional composition of the formula is to the breast milk, the better. To maintain the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates on the same level as in the breast milk, the manufacturers use organic oils, such as sunflower oil, in addition to the animal milk.

The best organic formulas from  EU at BabyMilkBar, from such brands as “HIPP”, “Holle”, “Jovie” “Kendamill”, “Lebenswert”, “Lowenzahn”, etc.  are  perfect from the point of view of nutritional composition. These formulas do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic flavors or corn syrup, only required nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

DHA and Omega-3 acids, which are necessary for the baby’s nervous system and cognitive development, can be found in most of the formulas from the given list. The price range of these formulas has options for every wallet – from $16 to $600.

What types of organic milk formulas exist?

  • Milk formulas are usually divided into stages according to the baby’s age. Stage 1 formulas are the least fat and have the least number of calories. It means that they are the easiest to digest, so they can be used from birth. Stage 2 formulas are more nutritious, but they can be used only when a digestive system is fully formed and developed (6-10 months). Stage 3 formulas contain less carbs but more fats, and they are for infants aged 10+ months.
  • Organic milk formulas can be made of cow or goat milk. The first ones are more common, but goat milk is easier to digest, which makes it a better option for newborns, whose stomachs are weak. It will decrease the risk of constipation and colic. Brands “Holle” and “Jovie” have goat milk formulas for every age, from birth to 10+ months. Otherwise, you can choose a cow milk formula where the proteins are partly broken (partially hydrolysed) in order to ease the digestion process. This type of formula is called a special milk comfort formula and is represented in part by “HIPP”.
  • Organic milk formulas usually don’t cause allergic reactions, but if your baby is allergic then you should choose a formula marked as hypoallergenic. For example, “HIPP” offers hypoallergenic formulas for babies from birth to 6 months.
  • Reflux is another problem which is rather common for infants. There are formulas available on the European market that can help to solve this problem. They usually have a creamier texture and are less acidic. For example, “HIPP Anti-Reflux” natural lactic acid cultures derived from breast milk.

To sum up, if a mother cannot or doesn’t want to breastfeed because of medical, physical, psychological or social factors, there is a wide range of formulas to choose from. The European organic milk formula market has plenty of options, depending on the needs of the infants, as well as on tastes, preferences and abilities of their parents.