Getting Teens Excited about Paint by Numbers

Getting Teens Excited about Paint by Numbers

Are you looking for ideas to get your teen off their screen or off their phone and doing something that is better for their mental and emotional well-being? Maybe you want them to have a chance to be creative but they do not have a natural flair for art? Painting by numbers UK kits could be a great solution to that problem. Here is a look at how this activity can be beneficial to them and how to get them interested.

Living in a digital world, crafts have never been so important

Teenagers do so much online nowadays. Socialising, schooling, homework, tutoring, playing and so on, it is easy for them to spend more time than is healthy on their phones, PCs, and other devices. This can be a problem for their physical and mental health. That is where any kind of arts and crafts comes in. it is a safe outlet for them and it can help with balancing their mood swings, improve their emotional growth, give them another way to develop socially as they are able to form more real connections with people. Crafts for teens can include all kinds of things, paint by numbers UK kits, writing, collaging, colouring, scrapbooking, sketching and more.

Getting them interested

There are a lot of fun arts and crafts things you can explore with your teen as a way to get them off their devices. Painting by numbers UK is a great option though because it is not hard and it gets real results that they can enjoy. You just need to get them to complete one kit and then they might discover it is something they love to do, it is a great way to pass the time and it might even relieve some stress for them. Rather than reaching for a game controller or phone when they are bored, they can reach for a paint by numbers kit. It is a low-maintenance hobby and easy for even complete beginners. Some tips on choosing the right kits are outlined below.

1) Consider what they like and do not like

It needs to be kits that are within their interests. Based on favourite music, movies, shows, colours, animals and so on. There is a huge range of kits to choose from so consider what they are going to want to see come to life with their painting.

2) Consider what trends are popular right now

Another thing to consider is the things that are trending right now that teens are into. A meme that is popular, TikTok sessions that are trending and so on. These are things that they are already going to be interested in so the paint by numbers side of things will just be a new way to explore the trend.

3) Let them create or choose personalised kits

The great thing about paint by numbers UK kits is that you can get any image turned into a customised kit. Choose a book cover they love, an album cover, a holiday photo or something else you know they love.