Family Law in the UK: When You Might Need One

Family Law in the UK

Family law is essentially any lawyer who specialises in family-related proceedings. These are often sensitive cases that require experience, specialised knowledge and empathy. 

Some things that family lawyers specialise in include child custody, divorce and separation, financial settlements and property matters as well as domestic violence, child protection and the like. 

If you need aid in these spaces, and you want help navigating the stress and emotion that comes along with family-related matters, a top-rated solicitor in Reading is a great choice to help you legally make a path forward. 

How Can A Family Lawyer Help? 

Within the umbrella of family law, many people have many different specialisations, but in general, these are the most common uses for calling in a family lawyer. 

Divorce Proceedings

Divorces are a complicated, emotional and stressful process that many people have to undertake. When you or someone you know may need to file for divorce, a family lawyer can guide you through the process and help you work towards the outcome you need. 

In addition to applying for divorce, family lawyers can also help you with things such as: organising settlements, negotiating in court on your behalf, helping you split your liabilities, lodging sole and joint applications for divorce and more. 

Some family lawyers will also be able to help you with divorce in the country you reside in, if different to the country you were married in. This is complex, requires a lot of expertise and is only offered by a few family lawyers. 

Property & Financial Settlements

Leading on from the above, when a relationship breaks down, there are often assets involved that need to be divided. These financial and property settlements are also handled by people in family law, and they are often called settlement lawyers. They can prepare, draft, review and manage property settlements to make sure the outcome is in your favour.

In addition to this, they can give you advice as to your legal rights, with a keen understanding of your situation. 

Child Custody Disputes

When two parents or caregivers separate or divorce, organising the children’s custody agreements can be a sensitive, emotion-filled, and hard decision. This is where family lawyers help put together a parenting plan. This outlines the welfare, care and development of the child and can help both caregivers prepare for a child’s future and often requires extensive mediation. 

This aspect of family law can often lead to court proceedings, so you need someone on your side who can handle all facets of the case, from lodgings to parenting plans and court proceedings if need be.  

Restraining Orders 

If you’re a victim of family or personal violence, a family lawyer can help you protect yourself and your family. A family lawyer can help organise restraining orders, and quickly escalate any issues to the relevant authorities to help keep you safe, as in this case, time is sensitive to get things right. 

Not all family lawyers deal with sensitive issues such as violence against women and children, so make sure to check if the lawyer you choose handles such things. 

Who Should I Call? 

For those in the Reading area, Rosewood Solicitors are a great option. Not only do they have experience in handling all aspects of family law, but they are also experts in landlord and tenant proceedings, matters with children and international family issues to name a few. 

When you need a family lawyer, call Rosewood. 

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