5 Ways AI And Automation Are Changing the Intranet

5 Ways AI And Automation Are Changing the Intranet
5 Ways AI And Automation Are Changing the Intranet

The human race has undergone significant transformation and evolution with time. Alongside humans, our technology, just like the intranet, has also evolved. It may have had very humble beginnings, but today, the intranet looks like a completely different tech, thanks to AI and automation. The evolution and advancement of AI and automation have made the intranet more intelligent, user-friendly, and helpful.

Here are five ways in which AI and automation are changing the intranet:

1. Personalised Content Recommendations

AI can be used to recommend content to employees based on their interests, skills, and job roles. Personal recommendations make searching for relevant content smoother, making it easier for the employees to land on the right content without going through a cluttered ecosystem. Getting personalised content on their feeds can improve the user experience and engage them more on your platform.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are virtual chatting assistants built to answer common and repetitive questions of your consumers. These chatbots can take on regular queries, troubleshoot common problems, and generate leads as well. For example, imagine you have a company that develops intranet applications. A user can visit your website, talk to your chatbot, provide his contact information and request an intranet demo. The bot can collect this information and provide the demo credentials via the customer’s email address — no need for any rep to intervene.

3. Automated Tasks

AI can be used to automate tasks such as onboarding new employees, managing training records, and tracking employee performance. By automating such administrative tasks, you free up your employees and let them focus on more productive aspects of work. For example, you can automate your asset management using automated asset management software to track, monitor, and maintain your company’s assets without manual effort.

4. Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of AI that allows intranets to learn from user behaviour. Machine learning gives you complete freedom to improve your user experience by recommending personalised content, improving the intranet’s search functionality, and reducing the chances of errors.

5. Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Who isn’t familiar with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)? These futuristic technologies make the intranet experience more immersive, engaging, and interactive for users. With VR, you can bring your remote workforce to your premises. And with AR, overlaying digital information on real-world objects becomes a piece of cake. This was just a glimpse of the entire scenario, but AI and automation are changing the intranet landscape in many other ways as well.

Benefits Of AI And Automation In Intranets

Artificial intelligence and automation are not only changing the way the intranet functions, but it also brings along several benefits, such as:

  • Increased efficiency: 70% of business leaders report that approximately 45 minutes to 3+ hours of their 8-hour shift go into repetitive tasks that aren’t even at the core of their job profile. Automation and AI can put these repetitive tasks on autopilot to save you time every single day.
  • Improved accuracy: AI and automation can help to improve the accuracy of tasks, such as data entry and reporting.
  • Enhanced security: AI and automation can help to improve the security of intranets by detecting and preventing unauthorised access.
  • Reduced costs: AI and automation can help to reduce the costs associated with intranet management, such as the cost of human labour.
  • Improve user experience: AI and automation can help to improve the user experience of intranets by making them more personalised, relevant, and engaging.

Though AI and automation bring a load of benefits with them, we’ve only discussed some of the most lucrative ones above. Using an intranet system combined with AI and automation, you can achieve peak productivity levels and improve user experience, resulting in more engaged users.

Final Verdict

AI and automation are transforming the intranet in several ways. Using an intranet system can help you witness benefits like better accuracy, reduced costs, and improved user experience. If even this doesn’t convince you to try intranet software, there’s another reason you cannot ignore: it saves you time and pushes your productivity. So without further ado, conduct your research and integrate an intranet software solution into your business today!