5 Vital Questions To Ask When Hiring a Sign Installation Company

5 Vital Questions To Ask When Hiring a Sign Installation Company

Customers make split-second decisions about a brand by just looking at the signage. And it makes sense as the signage is the first thing a prospect sees about your business. No wonder brands prefer professional sign installation services to maximise visibility. In essence, it acts as a marketing tool to create a solid first impression and push the number of walk-ins. Furthermore, when customers land on your business premises, they continue to form opinions depending on how useful the signage is.

Does your signage reflect your brand ethos? Is it eye-catchy? Does it give clear instructions for customers to navigate to your location? These are crucial points to consider when designing and installing your signage. If your signage is boring, confusing, and fails to connect with the target audience, it’s time to upgrade. Hiring a professional offering seamless sign installation services is always a wise call. However, if you’re fretting about your choice, here are five vital questions to ask upfront.   

1. What Types of Signs Do They Offer?

If you plan on hiring a local signage installation company, start by asking them what types of signs they make. Usually, as a client, you will have your unique perspective. However, knowing the types of signs they can design might give you a better idea. Signage designing and installation is an art; it’s one of the most affordable and essential marketing techniques for a business. While several companies offer similar services, only a few can get things done right. Some of the standard business signs to choose from include:

  • Interior Signs – It comprises directional signs for a reception or a mid-sized lobby. Such signs help you to move around the premises.
  • Exterior Signs – Usually, these are large signages that attract customers from a distance and let you know that you are here to make an impact.
  • Channel Lettering Signs – Want to stand out from the rest? Consider channel lettering signs that are energy efficient and promise low maintenance.
  • Monument Signs – Economic and unique, monument signs are a modern-day design to quickly grab eyeballs, primarily if your business is in a multi-tenant building.
  • Sandblasted Signs – It’s a perfect choice for any business that envisions a modern or a contemporary vibe.

2. Does The Company Have An In-House Design Team?

You must have seen some signage that looks out of place or lacks the punch. Have you ever wondered why? The possibilities are many. For one, it could be the work of a novice designer or one’s underpaid intern. Such things are common when a signage installation company doesn’t have an in-house team and outsources work. The result is hastily done work that defeats the purpose of a business sign. Thus, when hiring a signage installation company, ensure they have an experienced in-house design team. Ask them upfront about the charges and the number of concepts they can provide, including the rework they are willing to make. Before everything else, ask for their portfolio to gauge their expertise.

3. Do They Take Care Of Permits? 

Getting the design ready for your signage is only half the work done. Signage installation is subject to a handful of rules that differ from city to city. So, when hiring a signage installation company, ask them whether they can take care of the permit. It’s highly recommended that you work with a reputed, fully licensed signage installation company to handle the necessary paperwork.

4. Will There Be A Point Of Contact? 

Assigning a dedicated point-of-contact is the mark of a professional signage installation provider. It not only helps in direct communication but also keeps you updated on the work status. Plus, you always know the number to dial in case you want to add more info or suggest a change in design.

5.  What’s The Turnaround Time?

When it comes to installing signage, the turnaround time is a significant constraint. Sometimes, a business is ready to open its doors but must wait for the signage to get ready. So, always have a clear understanding of the turnaround time for your signage so that you can plan things ahead smoothly. If you witness the company changing its delivery schedules more than once, call it quits at once.

Closing Thoughts 

Choosing a signage installation company doesn’t have to be complicated. However, don’t fall for flashy looks and big talk. Before hiring a company, always check their background, experience level and the clients they have served. If they have a website, you can also check out some testimonials from past clients. Another good way to find a reliable signage installation company is to ask fellow business owners for a reference.